Our world is growing more complex everyday; smart companies expect choice and personalized service… The companies that will be able to respond efficiently to these expectations are those that literally run from the customer back, like the Internet, and not the from the top down like a bureaucratic hierarchy… A premium is placed on the delivery of customized information, goods and services at light speed, when and where they are needed. The New Network Model is a wholesale change in business structure and practice that changes the role of every person within the organization.
“This visionary observation embodies the organizational and facilitation approach of Christ Centered Homes, Inc., and its team members. Our Network organization is a concentric circle of influence (See Logo) whose center is the Steering Committee team. There is no such thing as top down management that dictates policy and procedure through layers of bureaucracy. Program development policy and procedures, quality improvement structures and paradigms, customer surveys, innovative approaches of service delivery, cost efficiency measures, safety/health, infection control and universal precautions developments are facilitated and developed by the Steering Committee Team. The focus of the organization is established within a person-centered culture and a network structure of support, with rules for decision making through the Quality Improvement process (See Management Report 1997-98). The concept and actualization of Network Organizations is a radical difference in organizational behavior and the next revolution in business.

Front Line Quality Improvement Team Organized Around Customers
Our organization’s structure and philosophy focus and respond to the (1) ultimate, (2) internal and (3) external customers; an approach called “Operating from the customer back. “In this model, the Front Line Quality Improvement Teams network with Utilization Management to focus on meeting the needs of the consumers we serve.