Person Directed:
Person-centered customer-driven supports and services, which are driven by consumer choices and focus on inclusion in the community.

Commitment to Quality:
Systematized implementation of quality improvement initiatives in every area of service provided to improve services, add value, enhance efficiency and contain cost.

Loyalty and Trust:
Building credible and trustworthy working relationships with all internal and external customers/persons in the community network working for outcomes that are measurable, meaningful, and respectable.

Compassionate Participation:
Participating in the collaborative and network of internal and external customer supports with compassion and sensivity for fears or concerns needing clarification or resolve.

Working to improve deficiencies in the communication process, through listening, surveying, responding and exchanging information and ideas for improvement.

Encourage Change:
Progressive approach toward learning and training acclamation that is focused on the changing environment and necessary adaptability of managed behavior health care collaborations/networks.

Empowering all persons including customers, employees, administrative personnel and external customers to be flexible and able to make decisions based on a flow of sufficient information and access to a seamless system of supports and services.